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Hey, this is a pretty good animation! However, I get the feeling the audio isn't synced very well. Some parts feel like there was an extra walk sound thrown in there while the character walks. Animation, though, is pretty good! You used a good amount of those whatchamacallit frames, where there's this one swing thing. Of course, there's still some anatomy errors here and there, mostly with the walking.

Either way, well done! Just gotta handle the sounds more.

And then the fighting started. Not bad! I like the simplistic feel to it, and it is pretty accurate. Keep up the good work!

It's amazing how demons still say "God!" In hell. Haha, you made me laugh, and it wasn't my own joke. Keep it up!

guitarrob responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you like my work. :)

The way I see it. There would still be a God if there is a Heaven and a Hell. Maybe the demons could use the term "God" in a ironic sense lol.

To be honest, the intro and outro already is a no factor. Try to get a bit more creative and try to go for something simplistic when it comes to intros. Going for something too complex with music and what not is already enough to deter people. Second, the animation was senseless and I don't think I get it. Some sadistic guy spawns stickmen, and then tries to give them some freedom against their creator, then destroys them. Animation was also pretty slow, but it's still a decent effort.

Another impressive collab! But, I must say that you're ten months early for 2018 and three months late for 2017. Nah, just kidding, go ahead and make all the cool madness collabs. Don't let anyone stop you, cuz this right here, it's wonderful to see something like this! Frontpage guaranteed!

Grumpy666 responds:

Oh,its so nice to hear someones good reviews

No word can describe the beauty of this here animation. The animation didn't have any vocals, but it didn't need to, for the movie did the talking for us. An excellent piece.

Best 30 Seconds of my life. Why? Because the animation is so nice and smooooooth that I can't stop smiling at something this honorable. But, there are some points that are still not good enough. The music especially. It distracts a bit, unfortunately. But, the way you draw is just spot on! Keep it up, m8!

Juyunseen responds:

Thanks for the high praise! This is only my 7th animation ever so they're only gonna get better from

I don't really see much in this one. The animation is simplistic and bland, the mic is bad quality, the background music is also quite annoying. People usually do these slice-of-life story animations without animation, and add flavor to it by adding effects, a large amount of different facial expressions and different scenarios into it. For example, one moment we're staring at your character in an empty space, and then all of a sudden, we find you in some sort of museum. You also need to do a bit more on the video and sound editing.

Your voice is also not very clear. I'm no sound expert, but you really gotta find a better mic or something that helps. Although I don't recommend buying the most expensive ones (yes, they're high quality microphones and all that, but that don't always make them the best), you should do something about it.

Next is that if you want to talk about a story or something, always attempt to prepare a script, so you wouldn't get stuck in between sentences. Many people actually write their script down and then read it while your voice is being recorded. Also, the reason storytellers don't use background audio is because they want their voice to be heard and clear (That's as far as I got when trying to figure out. Cut me some slack, pal).

Lastly, try to get your hands on a nice drawing program, like maybe Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Medibang Paint Pro. Pick your flavour! MSPaint isn't always a good choice to go for when drawing. It's so... Edgy and pixel-ish. If you want to go grab some animating stuff, you can go check Adobe Animate or Adobe Flash CS4-6. It's preferable not to use Adobe Illustrator, though. It is an art tool, yes, but Photoshop is something more for art most of the time. The difference? Illustrator uses vector lines,and Photsoshop uses pixels (Yes, I know I just said that MSPaint has a ton of pixels to it, but these are way more obscure. Sort of. It has resolution to it.)

IN SHORT: Try to edit your videos, fix your audio problems, make a decent script, and try to use some more favorable drawing programs. Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CC are effective drawing tools if you have a drawing tablet.

Take these things into consideration when you make your next video. I like your determination, but try to fix these issues, and you'll get better quality videos.

GarrickAnimations responds:

I started changing my styles with these a while ago but this animation was made a few months ago

An interesting setting from an old game. You did it quite well, especially how smooth the animations were. The guy who sung it was also pretty cool, and the soundtrack reminds me of those old comedic cartoons. But, I swear you can do a little better with the character design. Something seems really off with it, but I don't know how to describe it.

An excellent and relatable story. I like the way you present and draw things here :)

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