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Nothing much about me, just your regular game playing person. "We're all shooting stars. We fall down at some point, and when you make a wish, it comes true. We also shine extraordinarily bright, especially to our strengths." - Lathryn,

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Hey, it's time for another update.

I've been gone in the dark for 1 month, and just came slightly more active about... Yesterday? Sometime like that.

Ive also been on a short hiatus with other stuff, probably because of some school projects that started biting me hard. Don't worry, though, this project has been rad, although some members were absolutely demotivated with it, and just straight up quit.

Now, if you know me, I would think that it's crazy talk. If you expect to be part of a game making group, and start typing down code, and think everything is gonna work easily like 1 2 3, then you got a little wrong. Just a little.

In fact, some people thought that game art or game dev (I went for game art because I didn't know anything about programming and would probably get a few ideas of it next year) is just sit around and study how games work, while playing them. I would laugh if I didn't feel bad for them. So, yeah that project guy who quit? He quit and started playing games, because that's what he most likely thought how the system works: Because it's a school about making games (and I hate those triple A things. Not my thing. Too big, too high quality), you are permitted to play games.


Look, many schools still follow the standard 2008 rules. I think. I don't know. Don't text with your phones, don't play games, and don't play dumb. 

But, yeah. That summarizes my past few weeks. At least our other programmer is still trying to make the game slightly decent, even though he ain't all that good at it, at least he's trying his best!

To be fair, I feel kinda lucky. One other team has a group that is so deeply demotivated that they hardly work on the projects. Sucks for them, but I can't really do much about it.

I just hope this week will get better.


Spoiler alert: it will. I don't know what will happen, but I have a great feeling for it. I just know it will be good.

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