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Lathryn's News

Posted by Lathryn - November 23rd, 2019

Hey, I'm online again!

And here I am with another YEARLY update. Okay, I'll try my best to actually be more active on Newgrounds, so, bear with me.

Anyhow, it's the third year of game making school. Ideas came and went, performed somewhat well and everything, but, now, things are getting serious. Exams happened, and I am succeeding for a large part. Honestly, the teachers tell ghost stories of how exams goes down and how difficult it all is, but, incidentally, it's actually not as bad as most people think it is.

See, it's easy to get worried that you might end up failing, meaning you have to start the whole year over again. It's going to add up. But, the main thing that causes fear are internships.

In the third year, there is going to be 2 periods where you'll be working at a company as an intern. You get paid, or you don't, it doesn't matter, because you're not really there to get paid, but more to study away from school.

The tough part about these internships? Trying to get in. You need to show of your portfolio, and you usually do that on Artstation if you're an artist, because it's an easy portfolio website to use. And, the thing that worries me, and, I'm sure everyone else as well, is having a portfolio that will work. If you've got really good artworks, you won't have any problems, but I personally think that companies are looking for the best of the best, and I forget that they're willing to point me to the right direction, so, they'll cut some more slack.

Furthermore, I wanted to practice with swords. So, I bought a few wooden katana's and went to practice with it. I did have a lot of fun with these as a kid, but I figured it would be fun to have a few for practice. I do want to look into finding a teacher someday, but, for now, being self thought is enjoyable.

Christmas is also very close! I plan to buy my family a gift each. They have been buying me a lot of stuff for a large part of my life during Christmas, maybe it's just new socks, or some new toys I can mess around with (I still enjoy playing with toys, I know. I never seem to grow out of it :P)

Anyhow, that'll be all for the day. Maybe I'll update again a few weeks from now, when I have time, or when I want to be on Newgrounds more often.

And, in case you're curious about my Artstation, here you are:


I know, I have a pretty rare kind of name. But, you can call me Alan or something like that. I'll also throw it into my URL list.

Posted by Lathryn - June 16th, 2018

Hey, it's time for another update.

I've been gone in the dark for 1 month, and just came slightly more active about... Yesterday? Sometime like that.

Ive also been on a short hiatus with other stuff, probably because of some school projects that started biting me hard. Don't worry, though, this project has been rad, although some members were absolutely demotivated with it, and just straight up quit.

Now, if you know me, I would think that it's crazy talk. If you expect to be part of a game making group, and start typing down code, and think everything is gonna work easily like 1 2 3, then you got a little wrong. Just a little.

In fact, some people thought that game art or game dev (I went for game art because I didn't know anything about programming and would probably get a few ideas of it next year) is just sit around and study how games work, while playing them. I would laugh if I didn't feel bad for them. So, yeah that project guy who quit? He quit and started playing games, because that's what he most likely thought how the system works: Because it's a school about making games (and I hate those triple A things. Not my thing. Too big, too high quality), you are permitted to play games.


Look, many schools still follow the standard 2008 rules. I think. I don't know. Don't text with your phones, don't play games, and don't play dumb. 

But, yeah. That summarizes my past few weeks. At least our other programmer is still trying to make the game slightly decent, even though he ain't all that good at it, at least he's trying his best!

To be fair, I feel kinda lucky. One other team has a group that is so deeply demotivated that they hardly work on the projects. Sucks for them, but I can't really do much about it.

I just hope this week will get better.


Spoiler alert: it will. I don't know what will happen, but I have a great feeling for it. I just know it will be good.

Posted by Lathryn - May 20th, 2018

Hey, so... I'm back from wherever the hell I was once a long while ago.

And... Wow. Newgrounds has changed.

Like, the last time I was here, the whole place seemed to be roughly the same as before. But, now... Everything looks so updated. Except for a few places, like, maybe, the uh... This message board. Like, it still uses all the standard buttons.

But, you can see all the swag ass changes coming up in the Newgrounds homepage. And it looks great!


Also, for all of you speculating that I died, I realyl didn't. It was simply because I didn't have much time now that I am actually finishing my first year of college. And I'm going out with flying colors!

Anyway, I'll see you all in another update! Like this one, but maybe for later.


Maybe I should write these things weekly.


Posted by Lathryn - November 28th, 2017

Before I write about Robot Day that is arriving on Dec 10th... Newgrounds, where are the robot post moods?!

So, Robot Day is incoming, right after the Denver Animation Fest. I've been practicing a bit on making an illustration with it, and to be honest, so far, I have no ideas what I'm doing. No spoilers or teasers to this one, folks! You just have to wait out the storm a bit. I know, big bummer, people want to know what you're making, but only time will tell what everyone made. Of course, I'm not really trying to go for prices or quality here.

I'll draw for Robot Day for two reasons: One, I enjoy looking at robots, and the feel alone is enough to make me think of machines. And two, it's about time that Robot Day comes back to town after it's postponed. Originally on July 10th, it got postponed because of inactivity. Such a shame. But, it's time to put Robot Day back on the event list!

Oh, and happy late Thanksgiving, everyone. A couple days late, but, yeah. Sorry XD

Posted by Lathryn - October 2nd, 2017

I didn't know you guys cared about me THAT much. Sweet!

I actually didn't really start off as someone who reviewed things, actually. I'm just that one guy, who played a game, wanted to make games, but then turned on to scriptures and drawing stuff. In fact, I might have the confidence to start posting my own art here on Newgrounds (It's nothing special, really. They're still basic stuff from a basic artist. No biggie).

This time, instead of me being the crazy critic that is extremely stern and the total sasquatch that I am to other creators, you guys can do the dirty honest talking to me, and I'll cry and I'll go sit in a corner with all my sadness :')

But, yeah. I'll be posting some artsy-stuff in around Mid Oktober or so. That's probably WHEN I actually have the guts to believe I have made something worthwhile to post on right here. Thanks for the constant little support, guys! I will see you all later! (Thanks again for 10 fans. Woohoo!! I'm really making a lot of headway XD)

P.S. I'm probably going to draw casual and in a very basic style, so I have no chance to digital gods like AlvinHew or Krinkles. Or even Matt Roszak (He's a good artist, trust me. He's also pretty funny (not to look at, though. Nobody is funny to look at. Not even clowns anymore. Not after that IT movie)).

Posted by Lathryn - September 22nd, 2017

Hey everyone!

Happy Madness day to y'all! It's another beautiful looking day for Newgrounds, and today is the only time when you can walk outside like a zombie clown and say that it's Madness Day 2017! (But, if your local town is having trouble with killer clowns, I suggest that you don't even try it.)

I'm excited to see with what the people are creating on this years Madness Day. I'm particularly excited about MadnessWolf's Madness in Russia, which I haven't seen just yet. I've been happy to guide the series in the right direction (well, not animate anything, but giving helpful reviews and suggestions to him), and, for those who have known me for so long, you would know that.

The next thing I can't wait to fully look at are the other Madness movies that are created by people who are not Krinkels. As we all know, he's the grandpapa of Madness Combat. I've known some great people who animate crazy well here on Newgrounds and... Some that aren't as good, but still have some alright quality to them.

I hope everyone will be having a good Madness Day, and who knows, I'll be reviewing your Madness post. Eh, I don't know. I get paid minimum wage for doing these things (Just kidding, I don't. You can't get paid unless you code stuff for Newgrounds here. I don't know, it's hard to know how you can get paid on Newgrounds. Maybe ad revenue? Mr. Fulp, please tell us the secrets!!).

P.S: I'm going to tally up the times I've said "Madness". The one in this Post Scriptum counts too. And the title to this post as well.: IIIII IIIII I (11)

Posted by Lathryn - September 15th, 2017

After writing so many reviews that are actually useful for once, and after I've been doing it for about 10 days or so, I finally leveled up to level 7! New heights have been reached, and on to the next level!

Also, as of now, I get that feeling that the extra 5 experience points doesn't do much. I guess it just looks really nice.

And, how is everyone doing this week? I finally got a day off on Monday, but that doesn't mean that I can just let my school work go. I gotta keep up with it, even if my life depends on it! (Wait, it actually does. No flunking out now, sonny!)

Posted by Lathryn - September 2nd, 2017

I really love Saturday. You get to be more laid back then usual because you know you will never get school this week, and you can just rest your brain. For me, add the fact that you don't have to go on a train for 1 hour and 30 minutes anymore. My head hurts enough from all that going into train business, and when you go in the tunnels at 100 mph, you can barely hear yourself think.

It's tough enough to actually wake up early, but if you flunk out of school for at least a day without informing what's up (especially if the reason is just that you're too lazy to get up because those trains are too damn boring). Oh well, I hope next week will go by quickly.

Posted by Lathryn - August 26th, 2017

Hello again, everyone! It's such a fine weather today. I know, I've been gone for almost a year, but I just happened to forget about Newgrounds, because... Education and stuff, ya know.

Now, you may be wondering "How does one forget about the best place on Earth?" Yeah... I don't know that one either. But, hey, I'm happy to be finally back.

Oh, and I've been doing random art here and there (Because I always wanted to be an artist. And a milkman. Okay, maybe not a milkman, because you gotta wake up early every morning. I hate that part).

Posted by Lathryn - October 20th, 2016

Well, here we are again! The same time of the year. Oktober 20th, and it's already here. Let's see how terrified I shall be this month, and maybe the month after that. What? You never know!

Oh, game recommendations are always allowed, just so you know (you probably didn't. It's the first time I mentioned this, thats why) :/

And, finally: How are things with you? I haven't been going to the Judgement list for such a long time. I guess I have been busy with my life and all that. Oh, well...