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A beautiful platformer that tells a great tale. You don't get these sort of games too often anymore. I have to admit, I primarily enjoyed the art and the background more than the gameplay. Mechanics are simple and direct, which is a personal favorite for many gamers worldwide, but something that annoyed me at times is jumping. Sometimes you end up falling short on a jump, and there is little you can do but watch as your character plummets to the ground. The other thing that makes me concerned was the tracking of the mouse. In some occasions, when selecting trying to select the option screen, you remain highlighted on the "Begin" button. However, I am overjoyed by the beauty and the stage it sets itself in. The music was also extraordinary. Definetely something I'd be looking forward to seeing in full release.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thanks for you nice comment. We will try to avoid the mouse target conflictual problem when you enter the game. We'll also have a check on jumping, maybe something is different with the keyboard.
Thanks for the compliments on art & music <3

Oh boy, where shall I start with this time? A broken screen? A smashed keyboard? A destroyed mouse? Or perhaps annihilated speakers?

Splapp-me-do responds:

How about all four!?

Although it is frustratingly hard to play, I had an impressive time trying to beat it. The music got a little repetitive, and sometimes I feel like I shouldn't have gotten hit at all, it still is a game that is worthwhile to play.

Okay, so... What's exactly the general game here? All I can do is move up and down, and the two characters go up and down. Nothing else happens. In a game, you usually win or lose, and I see nothing of that kind here. Basically, it's just the same thing that happens for a long time: two characters move about up and down, and nothing else happens. It's not too good.

I like this game. It has that simple feel to it, and it is pretty nice how you made the bombs also a danger to yourself, so, you gotta handle with care. I would love to see people run a few bomb tricks within this game. But, the part that I feel unhappy with is the blood. Usually, it's better to have blood splatters to be highlighting the top parts of the blocks, and not fill up the whole block completely. It's still that nice and simplistic game that some people will like.

Aviv360 responds:

Thank you and I agree that the blood should not fill it up but I could not figure a way to put the blood on just one side. If you know a way to do this help will be welcome(i am using game maker 1.4 pro).

To be fair, I'm not very disappointed when I saw this title pop up in the portal. I thought this was going to be one of those plain old Stick Figure Games that didn't have much credibility. But, then I was bewildered by this cool game. It has its ups and downs, and it has some beautiful art to it (I'm a big sucker towards art). Although, I have to admit, the heavy weapons really are unbalanced in this game. It is a good idea to preemptively strike your opponent when they're rushing towards you, but you'll be left with little stamina to recover, which means that you'll have to endure the attacks that are to come. This happens most of the time with 2-Handed Heavy Weapons, which can probably exhaust all your stamina with one swoop. The Other characters are a special case to me, for it gives a more varied way of fighting, but they lack customization, it gave me that feel of: "Why should I level them up when I can continue my progress with my starter guy?". All in all, it is a good game that deserves more credibility.

It's fairly low quality for a platformer, with the classic 16-Bit feel. It's alright around the edges, but I can't really find a lot of fun in this game. It has an okay aspect on this one, but the controls seem to clunky, and the animations seem... Well, not too great. Improve a bit more on those aspects, and I'm positive you'll do better.

It's pretty bland, actually. It does feel interactive, and all that, but I doesn't feel like a game that is very exciting or new... It's just you, in a white place, numbers everywhere, etc. Just improve from this, and make something else, because... This is rather boring. Sorry to say that.

It's not too good, nor too bad. It does what it says it does, but the gameplay can become quite boring, as your character just has one animation loop, which is to move forward, even when moonwalking. Maybe add a bit more work to this, and you got something. As of now, I don't see it being too good, just too simplistic.

I like the general concept of this, but I really want you to check on these spelling errors, especially the question: "Round and round is". This question had me confused completely, and when I answered circle, it went for triangle. I received that one again, and the answer was then rectangle! Okay, drawings are okay, I guess, but please, do something about the spelling.

Nothing much about me, just your regular game playing person. "We're all shooting stars. We fall down at some point, and when you make a wish, it comes true. We also shine extraordinarily bright, especially to our strengths." - Lathryn,

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